Care and cleaning your survivor II windows

Your windows can be cleaned with any normal household cleaning agent. Glass surfaces can be cleaned with typical glass cleaning agents.

Doube Hung Windows

Raise bottom sash 4-6 inches. Press tilt latches (located on lock rail) in toward center of the window. Tilt windows in at least 90 degree. Tilt top sash in similar manner. To close the window, simply raise to full vertical position, making sure both tilt latches engage.

Slider Windows

Open the interior sash toward the center of the unit and lift sash up completely into the head of the frame. Pull bottom of sash over sill into the room. Remove exterior sash in similar manner. Re-install sash by reversing the above steps.

Casement Windows

Remove the screen. Open sash to its full 90 degree and reach between the sash and frame, close the window. Re-install the screen.

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