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New Construction
How we create premium quality windows for new construction.
Survivor is proud to offer vinyl windows for new construction that meet the needs of any customer.
Whether itís a cost conscious consumer or a high end homeowner, Survivor systems satisfy the most
discerning purchaser. Built for durability, designed for performance, and tested for quality, Survivor
delivers consistency, features, and style. Thatís why Survivor is the window preferred by building

Begin with the highest quality raw materials
Random, unannounced tests of the vinyl components used in every Survivor window are conducted by
an independent trade organization of building product manufacturers. The American Architectural
Manufacturers Association (AAMA) conducts a vinyl lineal certification program and the results of these
tests clearly show that the vinyl components used exceed all industry standards for impact resistance,
dimensional stability, and color fastness.

Constantly test for quality and consistency
Survivor high performance window and door systems are monitored for quality and consistency in
every step of fabrication. Computer-controlled manufacturing and a revolutionary quality management
system are integral to this quality assurance program but perhaps the most important factor is the care
taken by our employees. Our skilled craftsmen build every window system as if it were their own.
Combine that passion for excellence with state-of-the-art technology and itís easy to see why the quality
of Survivor windows is unmatched in the industry. Four point fusion welders ensure that every corner is
square and sealed against air and water infiltration. Computer-controlled glass cutting imparts exact
tolerances to every piece of glass.

Offer a Lifetime transferable warranty
Tested throughout the manufacturing process, every window must meet stringent standards for quality.
All Survivor windows come with a lifetime transferable non-prorated warranty. See warranty for details.